Happy International Women’s Day from the RMRC Team!

As a part of our focus on ‘Media that Connects’,  RMRC will continue to showcase various forms of media from around the world which represents equality, care and healthy role models for individuals and the community. The ‘No More Page 3′ campaign – in the form of a petition, facebook page and written articles - is an inspiring example of this and shows the power of someone standing up and saying ‘Enough is Enough’. 

Describing it as a “long overdue outcry”, Lucy Holmes from Hove UK, launched the “No More Page 3 campaign late 2012 to get Britain’s most widely read ‘family’ newspaper The Sun, to stop publishing bare-breasted women on their pages.

Founder Holmes appeals to Dominic Mohan editor of The Sun to “drop bare boobs from the newspaper” claiming that if these images were shown on the 6 O’Clock news “there would be an outcry”.

Founder Lucy Holmes wears Capai

With nearly 90,000 petition signatures and support world-wide, this is a great example of the power of individuals to call for real change in the media.

Holmes acknowledges the powerful role media plays in shaping society through ideals, beliefs and stereotyped roles,  asking Mohan to “…stop conditioning your readers to view women as sex objects”. Particularly commenting on the effects of media messages on young people, Holmes states “men across the land buy it, it lays on breakfast tables, it sits in living rooms for the TV guide, it’s found on trains and buses. Our sons and daughters see it. For the sons, they learn that it’s ‘normal’ to say ‘cor, look at the tits on that’ and for the daughters, they see this as something to aim for, or something that they fall short of.”

Visit “No More Page 3” on facebook, sign the petition, or go to their International Women’s Day page for information on how you can support the campaign.

Images displaying gender inequality in [the media] The Sun paper, UK.
Today is officially International Women’s Day. This presents us with an opportunity to stop, reflect and take action on how we as a community want to support women to be themselves in all their ‘true glory‘. For Real Media Real Change this includes the healthy portrayal and support of women through media.

“The vehicle that is the Media has a huge influence on our perceptions, beliefs and ideals about who we are. ‘Enough is enough’ to the denigration of women and men in the media – the use of distorted images of what it means to be a man or a woman. ‘Enough is enough’ to ‘sex sells’ and ‘violence pays’. Let us reclaim the media platform as one which reflects a true image of who we are as human beings” RMRC website.

As a part of this reclaiming to make Media “from the people for the people”, RMRC generates and supports the creation of media which brings care and connection to humanity. We are pleased to host the event ’Nurturing the Woman within‘ on International Women’s Day, where we will present a short film  on the true beauty of women in a move to develop healthy role models in our community. As well as being a celebration for everyone of the women in our communities this event also provides us an opportunity to support locally produced media initiatives that ‘put people first’ and cultivate care in our communities. As an example of this on the day we will support the launch of a new iPhone / iPad application ’Our Cycles‘ for women and men designed to support deeper self-care and respect.  View flyer here.

After fantastic lead-up events in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane (see “Hundreds Gather to Celebrate and Honor Women“)  - we look forward to continuing the celebration along with many other initiatives around the world including ‘No More Page 3′ for International Women’s Day 2013.

The time for change has always been now.