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The corruption of Freedom of Speech

The anti-social exploits of Trolls and Cyberbullies are an unsavoury reality of our digital age and increasingly, Trolls and Cyberbullies hide behind the term ‘Freedom of Speech’ as a kind of blanket argument in defence of their vitriolic communications. But bullying, trolling and harassment is not ‘free speech’, it is an attack on Free Speech. It is an impediment to meaningful dialogue; it silences people and subverts true and open communication; it inhibits people from …

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Let’s speak up!

There are plenty of stories on the web that expose the appalling abuse and misuse of power by certain members of the media. You only have to do a few Google searches to realise that this a systemic problem which causes great hurt and harm. I refer not just to the publication of outright lies and manipulations but also to the irresponsible way that the media portray women and insidiously influence the way we feel …

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