Steffen Messerschmidt

Steffen Messerschmidt

Steffen has an extensive medical background originally training in the USA in conventional Medicine, going on to specialise in Holistic Sports Medicine, Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation. Following this he studied Natural Medicine at the German Paracelsus College, becoming what is known there as a Naturopathic Physician.Further to this he undertook studies in Nutrition and Orthomolecular Medicine under Prof. Dr. Bram van Dam at the AEP Academy in Spain along with the University of Lisbon, obtaining a Degree in Nutrition and Orthomolecular Medicine, as well as working on for further years there in the fields of Psycho Neuro Immunology and Epigenetics.Steffen has run a private practice and lectured internationally in Natural Medicine, Muscular Skeletal Therapy, Nutritional Medicine and Injection Therapy for the European Paracelsus College and other Universities.Steffen’s main focus today remains Muscular Skeletal Therapy and general practice., practising a mode of Muscular Skeletal Therapy that helps the body to gently re-align.  He also brings his considerable expertise to offering public education programs in true health and vitality.

Dr Samuel Kim

Sam, 43 years old, practises full-time as a Consultant Physician in Thoracic and Sleep Medicine from private medical clinics with integrative model. He is based in both Spring Hill, Brisbane and Goonellabah, Northern NSW.
Having immigrated to Australia at aged 9, he grew up in Far North Queensland and trained widely in rural and metropolitan Queensland before qualifying as a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians at the age of 33. as a 33 years old young man. Letting go of a traditional academic and research-based career path in academic and research career, he has retrained in Public Health and Health Management while whilst continuing his life’s vocation in Medicine.
Says Sam, where “Medicine involves scientific wisdom, healing of the highest integrity and love are – all integrated into one – for the true service of patient care.”
Sam presents at these conferences on the importance of developing open communication and healthy relationships with health professionals, having a particular interest in supporting men to care and take responsibility for their own health.
Professor William Foley

Dr William Foley

Dr William (Bill) Foley teaches linguistics at the University of Sydney. Born in the USA, he has lived in many parts of the world, such as Papua New Guinea, Europe and of course Australia. He has published many professional books and articles on his research which has focused on language and cultural differences especially among the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. In particular, he has long had an interest in issues around language and gender and has published both book chapters and journal articles in that field.
The damage that is being done long term to men as a result of their problems in expressing themselves truly and how these problems arise from their experiences as they grow up are an especial concern to him, as is are the misunderstandings that arise between men and women do due to lack of understanding of their different manners in expression.

Kristy Wood

Kristy Wood is the Director of Kids In Connection, an educational organisation which provides professional development workshops for teachers and school staff to support them to understand and respond to children’s behaviours, and to develop classroom programs that foster connection and build children’s confidence in themselves.
Kristy has a vast amount of experience in the education sector, having worked in a variety of school settings from remote communities in the Kimberley to rural and metropolitan schools in Western Australia and NSW. Prior to her teaching career Kristy worked in a suicide prevention program that serviced Broome and the surrounding Indigenous communities.
Kristy has a broad experience, depth of knowledge and understanding around working with children, understanding what children need and how to support their social and emotional development.
Tony Steenson

Tony Steenson

Tony Steenson is a 36 year old bricklayer from Northern NSW. He is married with two teenage children. He has worked as a bricklayer since he was 17 and continues to do so passionately. He loves every day of his working life, and enjoys rich relationships with his family and the wider community around him.
Tony writes: “For many years I participated in serious substance abuse in order to cope with what was going on in life and around me. My life was on a downward spiral and my health and relationships suffered greatly. but now Today, I am going from strength to strength and feel the best I have ever felt.”
Having never felt that his story was worth sharing with other men, Tony has come to realise that a significant part of his turnaround has been due to his ability to open up and reflect with honesty on what was, a truly dark part of his life. He brings candour, humour and his trademark honesty to what he shares on his history, along with the way he has refound a true and tender man within himself, that no longer needs to ‘play tough’ or pretend he doesn’t care about life.

Mark Payne

Mark is 48 years old, the second of 3 children, with 1 adult daughter. He finished high school at year 11, and completed his apprenticeship as a motor mechanic before going on to work mostly in sales for many years. He currently owns 2 successful small businesses, and enjoys offering a true quality of service to his clientele.
Injuring his back as young child, which troubled him for decades; he began the journey of understanding how to best treat his back without using drugs. This resistance to drugs and need to do it for himself lead to a prolonged period of depression & anxiety without seeking help from doctors, instead choosing to self-medicate. Various healing modalities didn’t help long term and he could see how these modalities didn’t get to the cause.
In recent years he has come to understand many factors within him that contributed to the situations in his life. This has led to a true recovery from depression, and a rediscovery of the love and tenderness he truly and naturally is as a man. Today, he appreciates learning how to live this tenderness each and every day.
Paul Moses

Paul Moses

Paul Moses is a father of 4 girls and 1 boy ranging in age from 28 to 14 years. He recently became a grandfather, and married his long-term partner.
Paul grew up in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. He obtained a trade certificate for panel beating/spray painting and worked in this field in his early adult years.
After his first child was born, he studied Naturopathy Nutrition Anatomy Physiology Biochemistry for 5 years and worked in a Gym as a personal trainer.
He moved to Newrybar, near Byron Bay 25 years ago and for the past 16 years he has run 3 successful shops dealing antiques and designing and building furniture.
His experience with severe heart disease led him to question his way of living and has brought him to develop a way of life that is truly loving for him, and for all around him.

Gregory Hall

Gregory Hall, aged 41, grew up in Durban, South Africa as the eldest of 4 children and has a university degree in Civil Engineering (BSc Eng -Civil). He has worked in the construction sector for the past 20 years. Since immigrating to Australia 5 years ago, he has worked as a consultant Project Manager and business advisor to mid-tier companies in the construction industry in both Queensland and NSW.
Gregory has been married to his wife Carmin for 18 years. Together they have three sons aged 6, 10 and 13.
He writes,n“The awareness of responsibility for others was really brought home to me with the birth of my eldest son. This was the first time I really began to take stock of health matters – as my wife and I, as new parents, felt the enormity of offering the ‘best care’ for him.”
Since having his first child, Gregory has deepened considerably in his understanding of what true parenting, relationships and vitality mean in everyday living. Through his own study in Esoteric Therapies, and personal inquiry into what it means to be a man, father, husband and truly caring in all his relationships, the parenting of his boys has transformed enormously.
Ray Karam

Ray Karam

Ray Karam is a father of 5 children, 2 girls and 3 boys aged between 11 and 4 years. He is in the process of being divorced after 6 years of marriage and he has recently begun living together with his new partner, bringing additional children to be cherished in his life.Ray grew up and lived in Casino NSW, until he was 20 years old, moving to Sydney at 20 years of age to work in the NSW Police. He worked as a Police officer in both Sydney and Kyogle (rural NSW) for nearly 13 years in total.Ray operates 2 successful businesses in the North Coast area of NSW.After being discharged from the Police for medical reasons in 2006, Ray found himself at something of a cross roads. After taking a year off and then purchasing a business in 2007 he has developed for himself a way of living that is both loving for himself, and those that are around him.  He has committed to being open and just communicating simply with his partner and children, and found that the quality of the relationships he has with them has blossomed enormously.