Kirra PendergastKirra Pendergast is a social media and security expert highly regarded by business and government sectors as a Social Media Governance, and Risk Mitigation specialist. Kirra is a Founding Partner of eConscious Consulting Pty Ltd. Here Kirra shares with RMRC her experience and concerns regarding cyber-harassment and her upcoming role as speaker at the inaugural RMRC conference.


What drew you to the field of Social Media?
I spent many years working in Information Security & Identity Management for some of the worlds largest IT companies and Business Consulting firms. With the rapid emergence of Social Media I have been watching old patterns repeating.

Do you feel that there is a culture of bullying within Australia/world generally that needs addressing, if so how?
YES!!! Through correct policies and correct usage training.

What concerns you most about cyber-harassment?
Many things but particularly the absolute tsunami of mental health issues we have heading our way will put added pressure on our already overstretched Healthcare services.

This conference looks at Cyber-harassment as a relevant issue for the whole community – not just youth. Can you comment on this.
Yes – I see more bullying in the workplace than through kids at school – this is a rapidly growing issue that legal organisations cannot keep up with.

Have you personally experienced Cyber-harassment?
Yes I have – quite a few times as recently as last week. I have an old friend with Mental Health issues who has decided every time she has too much to drink that she should attack me over things that happened nearly 20 years ago. Ridiculous stuff but Social Media gives them a channel to vent.

Do you know of other colleagues/organisations who have?
Yes I do – I have heard of and seen kids in full swing and adults harassing each other through comments on Facebook in particular and have consulted to some high profile people who were having issues with trolling.

From the collaborative approach of this conference, what do you hope to offer?
My experience and insight on how we can start to change this culture online.

What do you hope to get out of being involved at this conference?
Meeting like minded people who want to work together for positive change .


To see Kirra Pendegast and many others speak on this important issue register for the Real Media Real Change Conference on Cyber-harassment in our Communities:  Addressing Public Safety in the Digital Age held on Friday 14th December at SCU, Lismore

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