Real Media Real Change is involved in a number of initiatives that bring focus to the way the media operates and sheds a light on how we might produce our own media to empower us to initiate and instigate true and lasting change.

Initiatives include conferences, events, video and applications development. Watch this space as it will continue to grow.

Current Initiatives

Events: Starting the Conversation – A Men’s Health Conference (An International Men’s Day Event)
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Films In Production: A short documentary, working title “Everyday Women: reclaiming a natural rhythm in our modern times”. To have its debut screening at Media that Connects morning tea (see above)

iPhone Application “Our Cycles” We are currently supporting the development and promotion of a soon to be launched iPhone and iPad application entitled “Our Cycles”. Produced by Natalie Benhayon and Team, we are inspired by the possibilities this application has to raise awareness of self-care and well-being for women and men everywhere. More about this application will be available at the Media that Connects morning tea.


Past Initiatives

Media that Connects– Film and App launch for International Women’s Day
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December 2012 Conference
Cyber-harassment in our Communities
Addressing public safety in the digital age
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