Sarah Davis Real Media Real Change

Sarah Davis

Sarah Davis has a background in psychology, health promotion, and group facilitation. She brings a love of people, a nose for truth and an unwavering commitment to the potential for using media to support the well-being of our communities.
“There is great power in understanding that the media landscape is a result of our choices in why and how we use and consume media”. Rather than supporting the current culture where media is used to ‘medicate’ ourselves through numbing and distraction – a ‘pill’ the industry happily delivers through sensationalist and irrelevant content – Sarah is committed to initiating a culture of connection using media: “When we make what we express about the care and connection of people – the media we produce will naturally and simply benefit all equally, and as a ‘social responsibility’ offer vital and healthy role models which represents and develops our true essence as human beings which is that of love”.
With this understanding Sarah states, “the time is always now and the choice is always ours”.

Rebecca Baldwin Real Media Real ChangeRebecca Baldwin

Rebecca Baldwin has spent 8+ years on the New Media frontlines as a freelance web developer, writer and digital media producer. She has an interest in the social impacts of media and notes, “It is not inevitable that we have to live with a media that is exploitative, and corrosive to the health and wellbeing of our communities. It is more than possible to have a media that inspires and provides true connection and evolution in communication and expression. It is both the people that produce media and equally those that consume it who have the power to make this change.”
Katie Walls Real Media Real Change

Katie Walls

Katie Walls is passionate about providing an avenue to give real, unbiased media a voice without any personal or professional agenda influence – to discuss issues that affect us all as a society. Katie’s background in Human Resource Management and as a practitioner of Health and Wellbeing brings a deep understanding and connection to support this process through media.
Victoria Carter Real Media Real Change

Victoria Carter

Victoria Carter comes from an extensive background in facilitating clear and true expression, working with groups and individuals in the areas of vocal expression, body awareness and music. She is also an experienced practitioner of complementary therapies.
She sees the media in both its traditional guises and the ever-changing forms of these modern times, as reflective of the level of responsibility we each hold personally in our own expression, and that our ‘participation’ – however seemingly passive – in any form of media is worthy of our deep consideration.
“As a society, it is paramount that we are aware of the ‘media sea’ in which we are immersed – that we be willing to question whether what is generated truly supports and respects the rights of all. True media is about connection and communication between people, in a way that never denigrates or shows bias towards any sector of our society – for Freedom of Expression innately carries with it the responsibility to not harm another.”
Brendan Mooney Real Media Real Change

Brendan Mooney

Brendan Mooney works as a psychologist and also has a background in music. He has a lot of contact with people of all ages and representations, and maintains strong connections with health professionals, schools and local community groups. Brendan calls for a media landscape that deeply respects humanity: ‘The media is an important aspect of our society, and has its place in supporting us to connect with one another. However, given a single individual can use media to reach an audience of thousands or in some cases millions, is it not our responsibility as a community to ensure that integrity is the first and foremost priority of any media platform? In this way, media can truly support change and the development of loving relationships with each other’.
Terri-Anne Connors Real Media Real Change

Terri-Anne Connors

Terri-Anne Connors has a strong interest in media accountability and the possibility of creating ‘Media that connects’. With 20+ years in business and customer service and a background in healing, Terri-Anne brings a deeper understanding of human behaviour and ways to support the development of true community through the media. “Today, media is big business and unfortunately journalists come under an enormous amount of pressure to service a business model that is about making huge profits at the expense of telling the truth. It has long been forgotten that a journalist is a member of our society there to write on behalf of and for society”.
Joseph Barker Real Media Real Change

Joseph Barker

Joseph Barker is interested in the power we all have, to bring truth and simplicity in our lives through our actions and the words we say. Is it possible that the media we see reflects the level of responsibility we bring every day? Joseph’s experience working in graphic design has illustrated to him, the power visual media has to connect or harm us all.
Jennene Greenall Real Media Real Change

Jennene Greenall

Jennene Greenall has a long held interest in truth in media and the responsibility we all share in making sure that our media both connects and supports a foundation for presenting our real life experience – the true value that each of us offer to the development of the whole.  With 20+ years experience in professional media, across print and network television, and with extensive experience in the healthcare and complementary healing industries, Jennene’s media commentary and understanding is always imbued with a truly holistic approach.
Penny Scheenhouwer Real Media Real Change

Penny Scheenhouwer

Penny Scheenhouwer has a radar for truth and a deep care for and dedication to people. She feels it is important that we explore the way the media currently represents and portrays ‘facts’ for their own agenda and gain, and the influence this has on people. Penny believes true media can change the way false realities and false roles and beliefs are imposed on people and give people the opportunity to again trust in the place of media in daily life. “For over 15 years I have worked with people with their health and wellbeing and by far one of the greatest factors with this has been the continual drive to live up to something that society has told them they should be. From magazines to TV and everything in between, we are bombarded daily with images and articles, presented as fact, that tell us how we should look, think, be and act. Truly beneficial media gives people the opportunity to be inspired and to look within, it holds people in respect and equality. This is the future if we are to see Media emerge that truly considers the health of the people it represents.”
Lucy Dahill Real Media Real Change

Lucy Dahill

Lucy Dahill is dedicated to working with young people to offer them a reflection that they can make a difference in life. All too often she has seen a great hope in young teens eyes, only to see it gone by the time they have completed University and started out in the workforce. The powerful juggernaut of ‘media normal’ with its entrenched gender inequalities, and its tendency to exploit a ‘youth market’, are but two of the contributing factors that affect each new generation. Lucy’s long history of working in media both in the UK and in Australia, has given her the experience of knowing she is working in a medium that has the potential to affect change through leading by example. Lucy is training to be a Youth Worker in her spare time and her background of working in theatre, television and the health industry are foundations she brings to her current work. Underpinning all she does is a deep care and love of people and a dedication to making equality, honesty and integrity the new normal. Media bods leading by example – the new normal!
Deborah Mcinnes Real Media Real Change

Deborah McInnes

Deborah McInnes has a deep love of people and unshakable commitment to establishing true, accountable Media within society – Media that will connect people and reflect the truth and reality of life.
Re-establishing true community values is paramount to Deborah. ‘I see the enormous potential of the Media to reflect respect, equality and true care for ourselves and for others. A Media that will offer insight and true inspiration to raise us to greater versions of ourselves. True Media has the potential to unite Humanity.’
With endless experience within Human Services and steadfast parental ‘know-how’ Deborah has developed deep compassion and understanding of people – the many voices of humanity. ‘“True Media’ is needed that will inspire true freedom of expression – for us to each find our own voice and have a say in the life that we will go on to live. Let our Media forever reflect the truth of life and be foremost about people.”
Shannon Everest Real Media Real Change

Shannon Everest

Shannon Everest is deeply interested in the effects the media has on our wellbeing on the whole, particularly how media and new technology is shaping how our young people are growing up. “We are bombarded with information, from every angle of daily life but do we stop and consider the effects of this constant stream on the way we see ourselves, the way we then think and feel about life? Is the information something to support us to improve our quality of living or decrease that quality?”

Adam Warburton

Adam Warburton is a commercial and residential builder of 20 years experience, who as a result has developed a very real connection to the types of everyday life challenges faced by mens and women alike. His passion for men’s health, men’s issues, and gender equality is born out of his own keen observations of the huge impact media has on moulding the way men and women identify who they are in the world.

Sara Harris

Sara Harris has worked in the area of natural medicine and women’s health for a number of years and has seen first hand the impact of the media onslaught in its sexualised and objectified portrayal of women. Her particular interest lies in the media’s gender stereotypes, which equally affect men and boys, just as much as they affect girls and women.
“It is certainly time that we stand for truth, accountability and responsibility in all forms of media and nothing less than this to bring about social change, especially when it comes to gender roles and issues such as domestic violence and sexual assault, which is so prevalent amongst society today on a global scale.”

Rachel Andras

Rachel Andras has a background in Social Education and Gender and Women’s Rights and is an experienced adult and youth educational trainer (class-room based and virtual) with a tremendous background in the use of participatory methodologies, which focus on real life scenarios and foster knowledge sharing and building.
Her strength is to facilitate learning processes of real change guiding people towards themselves as experts of their own realities and helping them to find the way.
Working for gender equality, youth empowerment and non-violent conflict resolution today is a bigger challenge than ever. Specifically the younger generation has come to the strong belief that gender equality has been achieved and is little aware of the shifted standards that transformed oppression into self-objectification. In this, the media and the Internet in alliance with the social media are their main sources of reference with devastating as well as empowering results. On one hand the global connection is used to claim rights, democracy and build stronger and more equal societies, but on the other hand we experience how it leads to disruptions in interpersonal relations and the “normalization of violence”. Therefore, it is imperative for Rachel to strengthen true connection and raise awareness and build capacities about what it truly means to live as men and women today.