Real Media Real Change (RMRC) consists of everyday members of the public who come together with a common purpose: We are inspired about the possibilities for ‘people and communication’. We are committed to supporting and cultivating environments that foster true care and respect, online and off.

Freedom of Speech is not an excuse for harm

We would like a world where social media is not anti-social, where a ‘friend’ is more than a number; where a troll remains a fixture of a fairytale and where masked men and women aren’t given free reign to wreak havoc, harass others, and even endanger lives under a misused and abused definition of Free Speech.

We are inspired by the possibility that humanity might one day have a Media that puts people before ‘page views’ and paper sales.

And we realise that change starts with us.

Our aim is to raise awareness about the effects of ill communication in the digital age, to advocate for change and to support the change-makers to make policy that supports greater care and well-being for people in our communities.

We celebrate a collaborative approach to support change and are open to developing continuing relationships with individuals and professional and community organisations toward a shared vision for health and well-being in our community.

But we are also aware of how important it is to be the change we want to see.

Not only does RMRC call for change in the media, it is itself a Media platform that aims to make Real Change. Our blog will be a growing library of articles by everyday people who will have the opportunity to re-write the culture of the media. We plan to produce videos that inspire a greater awareness of the effects of media and digital communication and bring you the stories that the conglomerates have little (financial) interest in telling.

If the media won’t get Real then we will. After all it is we who are the public, it is the people that buy the papers and it is the people who will change the trends and turn the tide.

RMRC will be active in the community but never the ‘angry activist’. This is not a revolt. Revolt relies on an adversary to define itself, and so whether in protest to the principles of its adversary or not, it is always relationally bound to that which it rejects; it is identified and smothered by its own struggle. Social Media is not the enemy and the Media is not the enemy. To quote a Facebook picture post – “We blame society but we are Society.”

It is time to drop the blame and make change – change to ourselves and to the society we want to live in. It is time to forge a truer social way, a media landscape that has its roots in the integrity that so many journalists hold dear. It is time to be a public that is responsible for the well-being of its citizens. This is not a complicated undertaking. Is the communication harmful or malicious? Does it demean or dehumanize? If yes, then let’s be done with it. Let’s call it out and call it to account. It is time to put the common back into ‘common decency’. It is time to claim back our right to uphold a standard of respectful communication among fellow human beings.

The time for change has come.

We look forward to collaborating with the community to make these changes a reality.

The RMRC Team

For more information contact:
RMRC Coordinator: Sarah Davis